Welcome to Michel Herbelin South Africa

Luxco Importers is the official exclusive agent for Michel Herbelin in South Africa and surrounding countries. 
Michel Herbelin always had a passion for creativity and attention to detail. This family passion has inspired three generations since 1947.
Michel Herbelin has passed his passion for the brand to his sons and grandchildren, who plays a major role in the product range development, from sketching out to manufacturing. Reliability, precision and elegance is the foundation of this charismatic brand. 

All Michel Herbelin pieces are French-designed with precision Swiss Movements, offering a wide range of models that meet all requirements, both sporty and classic. Clean lines, elegance and attention to detail are the cornerstones of Michel Herbelin design. Creating models that reflect the ever-changing nature of watch making trends, and collections that embrace the imagination and emotion, Michel Herbelin pieces are as unique as the people that wear them. 

Designed for the Individual, for You.

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