Antares Bracelet Interchangeable

Resolutely feminine, The Antares Collection has the Michel Herbelin DNA running through it - arising from over 65 years of watchmaking. Elegant and versatile, the Antares pays tribute to every woman. Featuring an interchangeable patent system which enables you to change your look as you wish, with a simple click-and-lock which requires no tools. Colourful or neutral - the choice is yours!

"How do I change the strap?"

To change the strap simply hold the watch case in your hand with dial facing upwards and pull the strap upwards 90 degrees to the case. As the strap is never in this position in normal wear, the strap unlocks. To re-attach the strap, hold the case in your hand at 90 degrees to the bracelet and push the bracelet against the case. Pull the strap upwards through the case ends so that when the end of the bracelet is pulled into the case it locks shut.

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